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I love to read, and although I’m more than willing to pay for a book I like (or twenty) I also LOVE trolling (and I do mean TROLLING) Amazon to find some great free books. My favourite category to explore is the Paranormal Romance section. Now I’ll admit I have found some severely horrible pieces […]

Book Promo: Hannah and the Highlander...

Book Promo: Hannah and the Highlander by Sabrina York

Hannah and the Highlander by Sabrina York First in a brand-new series about the bold, brawny men of the Scottish Highlands–and the lovely lasses who bring them to their knees… Coming September 1st Highlanders are her weakness. Hannah Dounreay has no time for suitors who only seem interested in her family’s land, which she manages […]

Sunday’s Six of the Best

Sunday’s Six of the Best

  I love blog hops, and though this one requires more than any other I’ve done I thought I would try it out. You can read more by clicking the banner above, and be sure to check out the other authors as well. Now for my excerpt, this takes place near the beginning of the […]

An Amazon Wish List

An Amazon Wish List

While browsing the web I came across a blog I can’t remember the name now unfortunately, but they had a ‘wish list’ post should they ever get $1000 dollars to their favourite online site. The author invited others to make their own lists and I thought, how fun! Being a blogger, writer and avid reader […]

You Don’t Want to be the Next J...


This article was originally posted on August 31 2013, but I wanted to re-publish it for you today because I know that you will love it as much as I did. A writer friend of mine posted an article to her Facebook page the other day, one whose tagline irked me. ‘We all want to be […]

Book Promo: Guard Dog by Sabrina York...

Book Promo: Guard Dog by Sabrina York + Giveaway

Guard Dog by Sabrina York—Stone Hard SEALS and Hot SEALs Crossover Novella Love Hot SEALs? What if all your favorite military romance authors got together and wrote a series of HOT SEAL romances in the same world? This is Cat Johnson’s HOT SEALS Kindle World. It’s an exciting opportunity for you to discover new authors […]

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